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Women's Golf Program
Phone: (530) 622-4567
Women's Golf Program is in full swing at Cold Springs
Our Women's Golf Program is designed to create a more women-friendly environment. It is perfect for new, casual and avid golfers to get outdoors and enjoy all that golf has to offer. Women are encouraged to bring a friend and meet new ones!  

Did You Know?
  • 29% of non-golfing women reported they have an interest in playing golf in the near future
  • 74% of these women said that “they’d try the sport if there were a free-golf morning event they could attend with a group of friends"
  • While women account for 24% of golfers who played golf on a course, they make up 41% of
    off-course participants (meaning they primarily use the driving range)
  • Among juniors, approximately 33% are girls compared to 17% almost two decades ago
  • Women's Golf Month is celebrated and promoted in the month of June

With this information in mind, women can and should feel comfortable on the golf course. #inviteHER is designed to transform women's perceptions of golf and empower them to play and use golf as a tool for personal enjoyment and professional development. To join the conversation, use #inviteHER and tag @wearegolf (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), @LPGAWomen (Twitter) and @LPGAWomensNetwork (Facebook, Instagram) and let us know how you plan to encourage women to take up the game.

At Cold Springs women can find golf activities throughout the year making it easy for them to get into the game and out playing golf. We look forward to seeing you out on the course!

CLICK HERE  to download the
2019 Golf Lesson Brochure